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Is it any good, this Packt Joomla! Beginner's Guide? Don't take my word for it -- ask a reader! Here are a few reviews from amazon.com.

Joomla 3 Beginner's Guide Second Edition: Excellent for beginners

This is an excellent book for a beginner who is new to Joomla. This book is based on Joomla v3, and is much more suitable for people who want to work on version 3.

The book guide beginners through setting up of the necessary parts of a website step-by-step in a simple manner. This is a learning by doing process, and is suitable for people who wants to have a hands-on experience. However, you need to have the necessary resources to do that.

Overall, it is excellent for a real beginner who wants to build his own site like me. I give it 5 stars.

Source: http://www.amazon.com/Joomla-3-Beginners-Guide-Second/dp/1783981504/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8

Each chapter is clearly presented, well written with the right level of information

'After reading more than my share on the web about CMS, I decided to go with Joomla. Since then, I was looking for a good documentation both high level and technical to a certain level in order to help me grasp all the basics I need to start using Joomla with my fisrt website. Joomla 2.5 Beginners' Guide did exactly that for me. Each chapter is clearly presented, well written (to my taste) with the right level of information about Joomla 2.5... I've got a fair IT background (been working in IT for the last 15 years) and it definitively help me understand a lot of thing on first reading...' (Reader review on amazon.com)

This book is written in an easy to understand style which is a pleasure to read

'This book is indeed ideally suited to those who are totally new to the world of Joomla. Readers of this book will certainly learn step-by-step how to build a real website. Instead of just learning about Joomla's capabilities in general terms, you will face real-world site-building challenges. ' (Gavick.com on the Joomla! 2.5 Beginner's Guide)

Not just a beginner's guide

'In principle this book is 'only' a beginner's guide. But its heft is a good indicator that it can suffice for many developers who pick Joomla 2.5.' (Reader review on amazon.co.uk)

This beginner's guide is the one you should get

'This book by Eric Tiggeler turned out just what I wanted, a guide to start understanding the ins and outs of this new version and how to setup my website. Although it took me longer then one hour to build the site, chapter 4 was a great source of knowledge and with clear instructions, a very good starting point. This book also gave me some new insights on how the order, the components and the layout of the site to help my visitors with better navigation. If you want a good start with Joomla! this beginners guide is the one you should get.' (Reader review on amazon.com)

Reviews on the previous version of the book, on Joomla 1.5:

If you want to build and maintain your own web site, the Joomla! Beginner's Guide is perfect for you

"I just recently received Packt's new Joomla! 1.5 Beginner's Guide by Tiggeler. If you're new to Joomla!, this is one of the best titles out there in terms of helping you get started with your first (perhaps second or third) Joomla! site. Tiggeler does a nice job covering all of the basics: everything from downloading and installing Joomla on a server, configuring it, and confirming the installation to working with and then removing the sample data that Joomla provides. The book lives up to its promise by including a chapter that promises the reader they'll have a site up and running in about an hour. Based on my own experiences, I suspect that, for most intermediate developers, Tiggeler is right; for beginners, expect to take a little more time."


This is what Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos says:

I positively recommend this book

"Overall I found this book to be a great read for people who have no idea about web technologies, but want to get a site built on the cheap and very fast. It is very thorough and absolutely easy to read and follow in the expense of only scratching the surface of what Joomla! can do. So, if you want to get started building sites without any prior experience, or want to help a friend of yours accomplishing this goal, I positively recommend this book."


This is Eike Pierstorff's opinion:

The Joomla! Beginners Guide could very well serve as a benchmark for other writers

"Joomla! 1.5 Beginner's Guide by Eric Tiggeler is the book that will get you started with Joomla."

"This is where the Joomla! Beginner's guide comes in handy: It introduces new terminology step by step and in the order in which you will need it - no back and forth between different chapters necessary. And while each section introduces new terms and concepts on a need-to-know basis for the task at hand, by the end of the book you will have a pretty complete picture of what you can do with Joomla."

"I can still say that, specific software aside, the Joomla! Beginners Guide could very well serve as a benchmark for other writers; this is how introductory material should be written."



Joomla! 1.6 First Look by Eric Tiggeler: A Must-Read for transitioning from Joomla!(R) 1.5 to 1.6!

"If you weren't excited about Joomla! 1.6, you will be within the first five minutes of reading this book."

"The first thing that struck me about this book is how well-organized the content is. The author, Eric Tiggeler, seems to know exactly what the Joomla! 1.5 user wants and needs to know to move to 1.6. Chapter 1 dives right in to exactly what you want to know -- an overview of the major improvements accompanied by screenshots. He then goes into detailed explanations of each improvement."

"Unlike other Joomla! books I've read, there isn't any extraneous information used as filler. Each point is completed so the reader is not left hanging. I've found other Joomla! books frustrating as the author jumps to another point without giving me the complete information on the previous one. This doesn't happen in Joomla! 1.6 First Look. It's all of what you want to know, and none of what you don't."

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